Cushioned Comfort with the Allcam AFM02 Anti-Fatigue Mat


We’ve previously discussed the importance of an ergonomic desk set up within a workplace and how poorly arranged desktop can result in extensive back and neck issues for the user. Whilst standing desks can help offer relief on that front, people can still complain of aching feet and legs from extended periods of being upright.

To help tackle this issue there’s a plethora of ‘standing mats’ available today which offer a cushioned footprint for the user to stand on allowing for less pressure to be applied on the soles of their feet during prolonged standing.

When we heard our friends at Allcam had developed and released their own economic standing mat the Allcam AFM02 anti-fatigue mat we were keen to hear more. We absolutely loved Allcam’s electric standing desk which offered a comfortable alternative to traditional sit-down desks. So when the team kindly offered us a chance to review their own standing mat we couldn’t refuse!

Out of the box we were impressed to see the mat itself was ideally sized at 78 x 1.6 x 51 cm with a weight of just 1.42 kg. This sizing is ideal for a user to stretch their legs whilst equally offering a small enough footprint to slide under a desk or countertop when not in use.

Another feature which we found particularly surprising was just how durable the mat was. We re told that it’s down to the mat’s high-density PU foam which means after being compressed the mat quickly springs back into its original shape when the user steps off.

We also loved the elegant floral design displayed on the mats outer casing. A feature which many other anti-fatigue mat manufacturers have overlooked in still keeping the mat attractive and stylish enough to compliment any home or workspace.

This outer casing is also surprisingly tough with an easy wipe surface making. Which is ideal for easily cleaning and especially removing spills in a kitchen environment.

We tried the mat for extended periods of time accompanied with a standing desk and found it incredibly comfortable. After prolonged standing in an office environment, we’d often found our feet aching. But after over an hours use with the Allcam anti-fatigue mat the difference was remarkable with no pressure in the soles of our feet and less tension in our ankles and calves.

We also tried the mat out on several hardwood floors . The mat’s anti-slip base ensures that even on non carpeted surfaces the mat remained sturdy and steadfast.

With Allcam behind the anti-fatigue mat we were expecting something special but it has to be said we were blown away by just how impressive their anti-fatigue mat was when put to the test. Hardwearing, comfortable and stylish it makes for an ideal companion to any standing working area – and is an absolutely bargain at the price.

We highly recommend you get yours today at