Dazzling Desktop Solutions with the Incredible Allcam Dual Motor Electric Desk!


It’s no secret that it’s become common knowledge that sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health. There are back issues to contend with, which over time can evolve into a permanent issue. But most importantly scientists have stated that by simply by reducing your sitting time to less than 3 hours a day could seriously increase your life expectancy, by up to two years!

So following these revelations, a tidal wave of standing desks have flooded the market all in the hope of helping the posture of desk users and easing the issues of working for extended periods of time at your desk. AT GYGO we’re always interested in solutions to desktop setups which show a conscious effort to help the posture of users. So when we heard about Allcam’s very own Electric Dual-motor Desk which offered a cost-effective and both sit and stand options we simply had to find out more.

Allcam are a name long synonymous with computing accessories for both commercial and domestic premises. Started back in 2002 the team quickly found their feet with an incredible array of products including various electronic and computing accessories.In the past we’ve been particularly impressed with their projector screens, monitor arms and trolleys which have revolutionised desktop setups.

These fantastic products quickly gained the company a worldwide reputation as leading the way into economic mounting solutions. But after seeing a preview of the team’s electric range of desks which offer height altering capabilities ranging from 63cm to 125cm we were certainly keen to find out more. In turn, the team were kind enough to let us check out their dual-motor system, which carried some particularly praiseworthy feedback. But would it stand up in the face of an ever-increasing array of electric desks on the market?

It’s fair to say a resounding yes – this is one seriously impressive desk system.


Allcam’s ACEDF02DW series of electric desks comes in four different variations – ranging from a standard single motor, a dual-motor system, a 3 motor system (decided into two sections) and a four-motor double desk for users facing each other. It had to be said the quality of the build was remarkable and with a dustproof finish to the desk, you’re given a workstation which looks astounding and reassuringly allows you to quickly dust and keep clean. At first glance, we were surprised by the telescopic base of the desk which had a seemingly weightier section at the top of the legs. We’re told by Allcam that this unique design has been extensively worked on by their own engineers allowing for a more stable design for dual motor desks.

Straight out of the box there’s everything to get you up and running quickly. Supplied with the desk you’re given a clear set of instructions along with ample amounts of bolts and screws to get the desk fitted. The desk is weighty which is reassuring when you’re mounting your workstation on top. Heavy-duty steel supports the workstation which we’re told holds up to 100kg per workstation (or if you’re opting for the double desk frame you can expect it to hold up to  200kg.)  This telescope frame which can support a width ranging from 110cm – 200cm is guaranteed to safely hold your equipment. On top of which with a depth of 70-100cm you can safely position your monitor so your screen is a safe distance away from your eyes.


We were particularly impressed just how quickly the frame fitted together and in well under an hour. Allcam have put a huge amount of care and attention into the unit’s aesthetic also, and include a fantastic hanging cable management compartment which tidily stores the unit’s main motor away. Genius.  After fitting together our unit it was just a case of attaching a suitably sturdy desktop. Again this process was remarkably easy, and after just a few screws and some minor electric screwdriver work and attaching the controller system to the underside of the desk we ready to go.


The touch panel system is a joy to use, we were blown away by the smoothness and speed of the motor’s action (averaging around 38mm/s) and just how remarkably quiet it was at around 50db. The functionality of the touch screen controller is a breath of fresh air and again phenomenally straight forward to use. By simply selecting a desk height (which is shown to the right-hand side of the screen) you can tailor your own sitting or standing height of your desktop. Then by ingeniously selecting 3 memory presets (by selecting M then 1, 2 or 3) you can record that height and reactivate it whenever you wish in the future!

So for instance, if perhaps you’d like to select a height for writing, one for typing and one for standing all of these can be quickly saved within the machine for you whenever you need them most. It’s game-changing. Accompanied with this we loved the fact that by pressing the timer function you can actually remind yourself to sit down. Again for people who have issues with their posture, this is a brilliant addition.

One feature we particularly enjoyed was how when power is deactivated from the desk it still remains in the same position. So if you’ve enjoyed working in one particular position but had concerns about not saving that individual customised height, there’d be no need to worry as the desk will retain it’s individual sizing for whenever you next need it.

We’re also told that reassuringly Allcam provide a 5 (yes 5!) year warranty on the desk so in the unlikely chance that something goes awry with the desk you can easily switch it for a new unit with no hassle whatsoever. It’s complete piece of mind for an outstanding workstation.

All in we were absolutely blown away by Allcam’s dual-motor electric standing desk. Aesthetically it looks breathtaking, both for commercial or domestic settings. But most importantly it’s a fantastically functional desk which places the user very much at the forefront. Offering quick and simple methods for the end user to quickly select their own preferred height and retains it for future use.

For anyone looking for a new desk or workstation. Or even someone who’s conscious of the damage too much sitting is doing to their body, this is an absolute must. Make sure you get one today at