Captivating Cordless Lawn Mowing with the Extraordinary Gtech Cordless Lawnmower

At GYGO we love any piece of home gadgetry which makes those mundane tasks all the more easier. For anyone with a garden the task of cutting grass can be a tiresome chore, made all the harder by having to navigate around all those long trailing cables powering your lawnmower. Petrol lawnmowers are an alternative to this issue but that’s compromised by a less than environmentally friendly solution. Not to mention with the practicality of having to fill up your machine with petrol every time you run out.

So when we heard about the remarkable Gtech Cordless Lawnmower which offered a solution to this problem via a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery we simply couldn’t wait to find out more.

Gtech are clearly a brand synonymous within the Tech world. Founded by Nick Grey the company launched it’s first product, a floor sweeper back in 2002. Since then the brand has risen from strength to strength with a varied range of electronics aimed at the consumer market. These products range from vacuums through to cordless grass strimmers and even ebikes.

In particular the company’s notable cordless lawnmower has been causing waves for a while due to it’s fantastic functionality and effective lithium battery. Its no secret that quite often cordless lawnmowers don’t always live up to expectation with their battery’s lifespans so we were particularly keen to see just how effective Gtech’s would be. It’s fair to say, it far surpassed all our expectations.

Unpacked Gtech’s full lawnmower package includes the gorgeous main unit, grass box, charger, battery and an activation key to get going. It has to be said the Gtech Cordless Mower is aesthetically stunning, with a sleek grey, black and brand lime green finish. It’s plastic casing through robust appears far sleeker and minimalist in styling over other cordless mowers we’ve seen on the market. Also with a footprint of just 120 x 43 x 36cm it’s well sized to fit easily into your shed or garage. But what we found most remarkable is how light the unit is at just 16.9kg making it so much more easily maneuverable than most corded mowers.

Powering up the unit was incredibly straightforward. Following Gtech’s 3-step setup process to get started was a synch. So after inserting the charged battery and pressing the lever the unit was good to go.  Impressively the battery lasted a full staggering 40minutes which allowed us more than enough to time for a decent cut. Conveniently the battery also offers an LED indicator so you can keep an eye on how much charge you have left within your machine so you won’t have to worry about leaving half a lawn cut. Charge time comes up at around 5hours which we thought for charging the 36v battery was absolutely reasonable and compared extremely well to other competing models.

The blade itself is quite remarkable  with a counterbalance to keep it’s spin levelled. Initially, we were intrigued to see how this would shape up. But it had to be said in practise the grass was cut perfectly, far better than our experience with standard full bladed mowers. We’re told these blades are designed to catch and trim as many strands of grass as possible, maximising efficiency as you mow. We could absolutely see the benefit with these and the mower maintained an impressively level cut.

Precision is obviously key whilst mowing so it was great to see the varied adjustable cutting height range on the mower. These settings allow a user to have complete control over their cut height with a range of 6 increments between 3cm and 8cm. Something which came in really handy with the mower’s precision cutting which we’re told has a width of 430mm. In reality we were able to easily cut close to the edge of the grass without leaving any unsightly long areas of grass. It’s a brilliant inclusion and one which made all the more difference whilst cutting your lawn.


On top of which, the unit’s sturdy large wheels offer a great stability to each cut and allows the unit to smooth traverse rough terrain without any unlevelled cuts. Also the wheels allow for tight cornering, which again for those hard to reach areas make it all the more easier to navigate and reverse out of – It’s truly a joy to use. Also we found the unit remarkably quiet in use. The company state noise level is just 96db which is particularly impressive set against petrol alternatives.

We also loved the large 40-litre grass bin which reduced trips to the compost heap and allowed us to keep on mowing when we needed to! Gtech have also added a flap to the bin itself making it all the more easier for emptying. It’s a small touch but really shows the level of care the team have put into the mower to help users quickly and easily clear their bins in a hurry.

It has to be said we particularly intrigued to see how well the Gtech Cordless Lawnmower would shape up against it’s cordless and cabled competitors. In practise we found it blew both away and remains by far one of the most impressive lawnmowers we’ve used to date.

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