SelfMadeHero : Three Magnificent May Releases

As May rolls around, publisher SelfMadeHero show no signs of slowing down with their phenomenally vast array of releases for 2019. We’ve been honoured to get a glimpse of three of their most recent books. All of which we highly recommend you should check out.

First up a book which we’ve long been looking forward to checking out – Cannabis: An American History by Box Brown. Following Brown’s fantastic ‘Tetris’ detailing the rise of one of the world’s most popular video games, we simply couldn’t wait to see what Box had planned for 2019. Cannabis offers a rare glimpse into the full history of a hugely topical drug. Dating right back to it’s supposed primitive roots and Cortés ’s introduction of hemp farming in Mexico. We follow how what was a relaxing recreational drug became embroiled in crime and how political leaders in the US jumped on the hysterical nature of the drug’s supposed many dangers.

This truly is a fascinating and comprehensive insight into one of the world’s most popular recreational drugs. As always, Brown’s brilliant minimalistic approach really breaks down the complexities of the story and draws you in to a history which will take you around the world and really open your mind to the many angles of such a well-known drug.



Next up we were lucky enough to delve into Maggy Garrison a spectacular mystery graphic novel with its feet firmly in the classic detective stories of yesteryear, but with a very modern edge. Written by Lewis Trondheim and illustrated by Stéphane Oiry, Maggs Garrison tells of the titular secretary who ends up picking up the pieces after her boss Wight is beaten to a pulp. Following which Maggy ventures into a dark and sinister underworld attempting to unravel the many puzzles which lie ahead of her.

Trondheim’s writing is fantastic and the Garrison’s a particularly endearing character. There’s enough mystery on offer to keep you guessing until the last minute. All accompanied by Oiry’s fantastic artwork which really helps flesh out a world full of intrigue and danger.

Lastly – We were honoured to be able to check out SelfMadeHero’s latest art biopic graphic novel, Basquiat by Julian Voloj and  Søren Mosdal. Telling the story of the titular legendary artist, Voloj shows how this struggling talent from the street found his place in the world of art amongst heroes such as Andy Warhol. Voloj’s dream-like means of doing this, showing Basquiet almost ‘haunted’ by his creativity offers a unique and refreshing way for the graphic novel’s narrative to flow and something we especially enjoyed.

Mosdal’s illustrations are superb. In particular, his bright and vibrant colour work really are spectacular and bring to life this tale of a humble man’s rise to fame and the saddening way it fell apart so quickly.

We highly recommend these three fantastic books, each of which offers something unique for the reader.

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