Mysterious Memoirs with SelfMadeHero’s Memoirs of a Book Thief

Adding to their vast array of incredible releases for 2019, SelfMadeHero’s latest release is a breathe of fresh air offering something very different to the graphic novel scene.

This psychological comedy set in the chaos of the 1950s Parisian scene world delves into the pomposity and subversive attitudes of the time along with exploring what it takes to truly become an individual in the arts world.

Following the exploits of book thief and amateur poet, Daniel Brodin, we follow the troubled youth as he attempts to navigate his way through this world, desperate to make a name for himself at seemingly any cost.

Alessandro Tota’s script is great and you have a real sense of him having fun poking fun at these stereotyped characters of the 1950’s French poetry scene. On top of which the story is fantastically brought to life by the illustrations of Pierre Van Hove. The minimalistic greyscale hatching perfectly rendering this characterised world where there’s a seeming fine line between madness and genius.

A truly refreshing story and a most definite must read. Make sure you grab yours from