Illustrated Incarceration With SelfMadeHero’s ‘Guantanamo Kid’

Though it might be only February SelfMadeHero clearly has quite a year planned with an incredible list of planned releases for this year. So when we caught a chance to check out their latest offering ‘Guantanamo Kid’ by Jérôme Tubiana and  Alexandre Franc which follows the life of the youngest inmate of the infamous prison we couldn’t wait to find out more.
This unique and harrowing tale of Mohammed, the youngest inmate of the now infamous incarceration centre in Cuba is not an easy read but a compelling and detailed account of what truly is a tale of grueling endurance by one young boy. Effectively ‘growing up’ amidst terrorism accusations and daily threats to his life we follow Mohammed struggle against the regime of Guantanamo, his daily routines and persistent fight against the powers that be to release him after his arrest.

Jérôme Tubiana and Alexandre Franc have done a fantastic job with the story and  Alexandre Franc’s illustrations wonderfully make a horrific tale of injustice somehow more approachable in such a characterised form. The small details put into Mohammed’s daily life which includes how he was tortured, his cell mates, the guards and the floor plans of his cells all add to the depth of such an unforgettable story. Like Maus, You ll find yourself returning again to revisit each stage of Mohammed’s incredible endurance.

Truly a story which will leave you cold for all the right reasons. An absolutely essential read- get your copy here