Magnificent Microphones with Sennheiser’s Memory Mic

 We’re big fans of smartphone audio tech here at GYGO. In particular we were really taken aback by Sennheiser’s incredible Ambeo Smart Headset which allowed users to record their surroundings in 3D to impressive effect.

So when we heard about Sennheiser’s latest accessory, the Sennheiser Memory Mic which promised crystal clear audio for your smartphone video at any distance and up to 4 hours of audio which automatically syncs with your smartphone video via the official Sennheiser Memory Mic App, taking the strain out of syncing we simply couldn’t wait to find out more.

The thinking behind the Memory Mic is pretty special the unit promises to offer seamless one touch audio/video synchronisation for clear and smooth recording via bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone. This technology secures an unlimited recording distance between the mic and your smartphone ensuring that there’s no drop-outs.That alone is hugely impressive. Especially if you’re recording important footage and you want to ensure nothing is lost.

As with the Sennheiser Ambeo Headset it’s clear both functionality and aesthetics have both been carefully considered with the Memory Mic. It’ a stunning looking microphone accessory with a sleek white/grey casing. It’s also a perfect handheld size at 51 x 37 x 16mm meaning it nestles comfortably in the palm of your hand. Packaged in Sennheiser’s trademark incredible looking boxing which really displays just what a cutting edge piece of design this is.

Most importantly though is the functionality of the mic. We were pleased to find just how comfortable the mic itself is to handle, feeling akin to a minimalistic handset. It should be said it’s remarkably light too and not cumbersome like some pocket mics, whilst at the same time feeling rugged enough to sustain being carried around. It’s also small enough to comfortably clip on a shirt pocket, or part of clothing to ensure easy recording. Even this aspect has been carefully considered by Sennheiser who’ve actually provided a magnetic clip so the user’s clothing isn’t damaged by a clip.

It’s no secret that smartphone audio is unfortunately not always of a high standard. This is where Memory Mic really excels. The high quality condenser capsule within the mic means you get fantastically crisp audio via the one touch audio and video sync technology. Operating this is also incredibly easy, the Sennheiser app is quickly downloaded and getting started recording really was phenomenally straight forward. We also loved the fact that the unique Sennheiser tech means there really were no drop outs in recording, put to the test the Memory Mic really stood by this and we were able to record seamlessly without any issues.

It has to be said we were truly blown away by both the sound quality and easy to use functionality of the Sennheiser Memory Mic. On top of which it’s an incredibly stylish piece of kit that you won’t feel embarrassed to use for your recordings whilst out in the field.

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