Something Evil is Lurking in the Fog in SelfMadeHero’s Brilliant Lip Hook

With the season of spooks and ghouls on our doorstep it seems apt that there’s some truly exciting horrific comics and graphic novels appearing on our shelves. We’ve seen a plethora of them over the last few weeks, but it has to be said one above all others has really stood apart in it’s dark tone and incredible detail – the wonderful ‘Lip Hook ‘ written by David Hine and illustrated by Mark Stafford. It’s the stuff of glorious nightmares.

Following the story of two mysterious fugitives clearly escaping a terrible crime, we follow the two crooks to the small town of Lip Hook, a place which appears to have been forgotten by the modern era and lies in amidst ruin and ghastly fogs in the backwaters of Britain. As the strange duo slowly integrate into the backward community we find there’s more to them than meets the eye. Their presence also motivating the antiquated townsfolk back into ancient ways, ways which perhaps should have been forgotten long ago…

The press release for Lip Hook sited the works of Robert Aikman and M R James carrying a similar theme to Lip Hook’s and that’s more than evident from the text. The book carries a truly dark tone to it, with some fantastically morbid imagery and some definite vivid folk horror themes. We particularly loved the detailing in Mark Stafford’s work, the depth within some of the pieces is great and his characterised aesthetic perfectly fits the absurd world of Lip Hook.

All in we absolutely loved Lip Hook – if you’re looking for something to read as the dark nights draw in then this is a must. Get yours today from