Heavenly 3D Headsets with the Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset

With the rise in high performance digital recording on iPhones and iPads a range of peripherals have been launched to make use of the capabilities on these devices. With that in mind we were particularly interested to hear about the Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset which promised an intuitive, mobile recording headset for capturing immersive 3D sound, much in the same way that your actual ears do. Made directly for iOS devices. As this is also Sennheiser you know the quality is going to be astoundingly good. With such a promise we simply couldn’t wait to unpack and find out how good this headset was.

It should be said the Ambeo Smart Headset is packaged with that token prestige aesthetic that any Sennheiser consumer will be accustomed to. Out of the box you can see straight away what a completely different style of headset the Ambeo is compared to it’s competitors. There’s also a choice of ’Ash Black’ or ‘White’ keeping a clean minimal aesthetic which we’d expect from Sennheiser.

The earpieces themselves have clearly been carefully constructed with a high quality plastic (allowing for a lightweight build) with a metal grill on each piece to allow for recording.  Both earpieces have active noise cancelling alongside a set of microphones effectively allowing you to record 3D sound on the move with your iOS device. They were particularly comfortable for in ear canal headphones, and definitely are some of the most comfortable we’ve tested of this type. What’s particularly impressive is just how quick we had everything up and running – and soon we were experiencing the joy of the two built in Omni-directional microphones which produce immersive, 3D like audio recordings. It’s hard to describe just how effective these are, but they are in short – remarkable. Giving you a real immersive audio experience.

We particularly enjoyed the ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) which really did a great job of removing unnecessary surrounding noise whilst listening to music. This is done by the device’s three step rocker which lets you easily control what’s happening around you via the omni-directional microphones. We tested this in a range of environments and it never failed to amaze just how effective this was.

This functionality is easily controlled by the the Smart Headset controller which has a range of features you can control from your pocket – including volume, start/stop/phone, recording and 3d recording.


This device works in conjunction with the Apogee and Sennheiser app – so you can jump in and control features such as your hearing volume not to mention the phenomenal 3D Microphone. Via which you can record the ambient sounds which surround you. Giving your viewers (or listeners) a real taste of which ever audio setting you’ve been at. We were particularly blown away by this – even for amateurs like us, being able to play around with the app we were able to produce something which sounded pretty impressive.

It should also be said the device itself is evidently IOS only and comes with a standard lightning adaptor for apple. But with that exclusivity comes the ease of being able to plug in your device and activate the headset quickly with minimal fuss. In fact we were really taken aback just how quick it was to get everything set up. From just a few simple stages out of the box, you’ll soon be recording sound which is quite literally remarkable.

We were really impressed with the Sennheiser Amber Smart Headset. It really delivers on offering ambient 3D audio recordings with a fantastic interface via the accompanying app. For anyone looking to really push their audio recording, but without wanting a full studio setup – this is undoubtedly for you.

Get yours today from https://en-uk.sennheiser.com/finalstop