Desirable Drinking Bottles with The Incredible Vapur!


For anyone on the move, making sure you’ve got a bottle of water on you whilst commuting is absolutely essential in the modern age of hot tube trains and sweltering buses. But for anyone hoping to pack light it’s no secret that reusable water bottles can often be simply too impractical to pack alongside your essentials. So when we heard about the groundbreaking ‘Vapur’ an ‘anti – water bottle’, which could be used over and over, with a tight sealing lid we just had to find out more.

For this review we were privileged to get a chance to check out the 1.5l Foldable Flexible Vapur which allows you to carry a significant amount of water but still rolls up to next to nothing. It also has a fantastically wide top to allow for easy access.


Upon unpacking it’s really incredible to see how small the Vapur packs down to. Made with a 3 ply material which is very flexible but evidently durable at the same time. Upon first filling we were also particularly impressed with Super-Cap Flip Cap which though tough, is also easily opened for quick access to water. You can also use the attached carabiner to easily roll up the bottle when not in use which again is very handy if you’re travelling with the Vapur and looking to reduce it’s volume quickly. 

It also should be said Vapur prides the bottles on being up to 87% lighter than standard bottles, something we were particularly impressed with. You’re literally pretty much just carrying the weight in water which is really handy.


Once full the Vapur also comfortably fits into your hand, feeling like a large ‘pouch’ for your water. This makes is even more ideal for people on the move who require water bottles for running or exercising. Something we were particularly impressed with. It makes so much more sense to invest in a refillable water bottle rather than purchasing disposable bottles. In the long run it will save you money and evidently it’s a much better solution for the enviroment. 

All in we loved the Vapur it offers a refreshing and original take on the traditional water bottle and won’t break the bank. Make sure you grab yours today from