Foldable Devices – the future of phones?


Foldable Phone and Other Devices

Samantha Swan

If you were told five years ago that phones would be able to get folded in order to fit into smaller pockets then you would probably think that was a crazy idea, but hold that thought. It seems Samsung are toying with the idea with a prototype of a foldable device – the Samsung Galaxy Round.

With a flexible screen it makes for easier transportation as it can fold up into the size of a mobile phone, which could in time replace mobile phones as people will only need the one device. It will have a bigger screen than a smartphone, but be able to store like a phone, so why would you need both in the end?

The Samsung Galaxy Round won’t be officially the market until 2015 or 2016, although the Galaxy Round is available in South Korea at the moment on a trial basis, but at around £627 you might want to think twice before purchasing one. However, until testing has been completed in South Korea we won’t truly know how good or successful a curved device is going to be. For now, we will just have to use our ordinary non-folding devices until our time comes.