Magnificent Mousepads with the Nomad Horween Leather Mousepad

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Nomad over here at GYGO. Their continual high quality level of output for smartphones / tablets and computing accessories has truly set the bar high and really sets the company apart from the crowd. So when we heard word about their upcoming Horween Leather Mousepads and checked out the simply incredible press shots we simply had to find out more.


Following the team’s equally impressive Horween leather phone holders and Nomad Charging wallets the Nomad Horween Leather Mousepad is made from vegetable tanned leather from one of USA’s legendary oldest tanneries. What’s great is this mousepad won’t just deteriorate and lose it’s style over time. Like the other Horween Leather products Nomad produces, the leather gathers a stunning patina over the course of time making it truly a customised item to sit atop of your desk.


It has to be said the Mousepad is beautifully packaged. Presented in a slimline elegant black box, the actual mousepad itself is kept secure within a durable microfibre protective bag. Clearly this is no run of the mill mousepad – but something else entirely, a prestigious desktop accessory which will compliment any desk set up.  We were also really impressed with the ‘grip’ and feel of the pad compared to other traditional mousepads. Using an Apple Magic Mouse, the mouse comfortably tracks across the surface of the pad. (Which we’re told is heat-pressed). We also tried the pad out with several other bluetooth mice and found the same result. It makes working incredibly comfortable and truly stands apart from using other pads.

You’ve also got a comfortable 12.48 x 11.02inch (e.g. 137.5 square inches ) of pad to play with, which makes it ideal for multimedia projects in particular such as design and animation. With most mousepads we find ourselves scrolling off the side easily. Not with the Nomad Horween Leather Mousepad – there’s more than enough room to scroll without rolling off the side.

We didn’t think the mousepad could be reinvented, but having seen the amazing products Nomad have been putting out over the last few years we should have known better. The Nomad Horween Mousepad is a thing of utter beauty and well worth the investment. If only to make your desktop look that little more stylish.

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