Following the Tantalising Tale of SelfMadeHero’s Tumult

Publisher SelfMadeHero have had a busy year with a plethora of superb releases so far. So we were particularly keen to hear more about their latest release Tumult by John Harris Dunning and illustrated by the talented Michael Kennedy. The book itself is a beautiful hardback with a strikingly vibrant cover depicting Kennedy’s token style and brilliantly capturing what is truly a very dark tale indeed.

Tumult tells the story of Adam Whistler, who seemingly out of character suddenly ends what appears to be a perfect relationship with his girlfriend whilst on holiday. Apparently suffering from an early mid-life crisis, Adam decides to fully go off the rails, hooking up with the alluring, but clearly troubled Morgan at a party. Adam is quickly enchanted by the mysterious woman but quickly loses contact with her after a night of passion. Then suddenly Adam finds himself running into Morgan in the street, except she doesn’t recognise him and claims to be someone else entirely…

As the confused Adam discovers his new beloved might in fact be suffering from multiple personality disorder, he learns of how various people close to Morgan are being killed… Could Morgan be suffering from a mental condition or are darker political forces at work? It’s up to Adam to attempt to unravel this dark thriller and find out just what is the danger seemingly surrounding his new beloved.

Tumult is an engaging, brilliantly macabre thriller with some truly unexpected twisted turns along the way. Michael Kennedy’s art style perfectly adds a new direction to the story with his unique, pop art style. At times the styling almost gives the story a film noir feel. You might well recognsise his artwork from his previous projects including Spiritus from Vault Comics. With Tumult is perfectly adds an additional flair to the story and makes it a truly edge of the seat experience.

With echoes of classic thrillers ( not to mention a very modern edge) Tumult is a truly brilliant read that pulls you in and won’t let you go until the bitter end. Well worth picking up.
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