Cutting-edge Cooling Tech with JML!

With the incredibly hot weather of late we’ve decided to take a look at a range of cutting edge ways for people to cool their homes and workspaces without breaking the bank (or installing a full air con unit!). Luckily the folks at JML have already got this covered with a fantastic range of gadgets and home tech to keep people from over heating. So with the temperatures rising we decided to put them to the test and see just how effective they really were!

First up we were intrigued to hear more about JML’s ‘Arctic Air – Portable Personal Space Air Cooler & Humidifier’. This sleek cube which sits discreetly on your desk or table promises to cool, humidify and purify the air by using evaporated water to keep you cool. Clearly from the size alone that’s a big promise from such a small device but we were keen to see how it performed.

It’s fair to say we were utterly astounded by how effective the Arctic Air was.  Compared to most desktop fans, which simply blow hot air around, the Arctic Air noticeably cools down the air around it by using a special filter system, hence removing the hot dry air in your room and replacing it with clean cooling air. Setup is incredibly easy. Starting off by just filling up the inbuilt water tank and then plugging the unit into the mains or a USB port. It was surprising just how quickly it started to do the job and cooling the space down! The drop in temperature was instantly noticeable with a remarkably cool breeze emanating from the machine quickly after turning it on.

Impressively the Arctic Air is relatively quiet on it’s output too. Noise is at a minimum compared to most high powered fans, and as you can adjust the speed you can take the noise down to suit you. Very convenient.

But that’s not all – if you’re planning on taking the Arctic Air with you to bed to keep you cool, then it also doubles as a trendy nightlight with a range of colours you can choose from! You can also set this to a 7 colour cycle mode so you can enjoy a range of relaxing colours as you fall asleep -How amazing is that?!

We loved the Arctic Air – it’s affordable (unlike most air con units) and is incredibly reasonably priced considering it’s effectiveness.


Next up we had a chance to check out JML’s ‘Chillmax Pillow’. There’s surely nothing worse in the heat than trying to fall asleep in an incredibly hot bedroom. This naturally cooling pillow attempts to remedy that issue by promising to transfer heat away from your body allowing you to relax and drop your temperature. This is all through the Chillmax gel which transfers the excess heat from your skin for up to three hours.

We were really impressed with the cushion, especially the fact it didn’t require refills, or any additional equipment. You simply set it down somewhere comfortable (in or over your bed cushion, or even under your feet) and you quickly feel the benefit of the cool quick acting gel within the cushion. This is something which is so valuable at night when a lower body temperature can make all the difference when trying to sleep. It’s also ideal if you’ve suffered a strain or injury and require a cooling compress to take the stress off.

What’s great, is how the pillow can be used as a seat cushion too or a laptop base so you don’t suffer warm legs from working away from your computer. For that matter, it’s great at cooling all kinds of gadgets which may suffer from getting too hot. Because of it’s size it’s ideal for slipping into suitcases or bags for travelling with. Something which makes sleeping in hot countries even more bearable.


This is a must have for anyone seeking a reasonably priced and convenient means of cooling down in the hot weather.

We loved both the JML Arctic Air and JML Chillmax Pillow – make sure you order yours from