Andrew Warwick’s tales of terror ‘The Grinning Man’


So it’s no secret we’re big fans of spooky comics here at GYGO, so when we came across the work of comic writer and illustrator Andrew Warwick it’s fair to say we were particularly intrigued by his amazing artwork and eerie aesthetic and clearly wanted to find out more.

Andrew’s three books ‘The Grinning Man’, ‘Nature, Red’ and ‘Proscenium’ all follow a suitably dark narrative depicting chilling encounters with beings and situations which in every sense of the word ‘haunt’ both the protagonists and the reader. What makes these particularly special are the beautifully detailed panellngs and great use of shadows within the piece. So you’re always examining the edges of the panels on the page, eager to see if perhaps one hides something particularly unnerving in the darkness.

Andrew’s first book ‘ The Grinning Man’ tells the story of a young schoolboy encounter with the titular character of the grinning man amidst seemingly everyday surbubia. A mysterious figure with something of a sorrowful past which he realises is intrinsically entwined with his own – not to mention the hideous figure behind him.


Nature, Red takes the story from suburbia to the countryside where our protagonist encounters a type of fruit they’ve never tried before – and the darkly hideous story behind where these particularly rarest of plants came from. The use of red in the story is brilliantly incorporated to really give the story a visceral feel to the fruit’s unpleasantness.

Lastly Proscenium -is an anthology of stories with a tie in tale of a woman clearly feeling like an outcast at a party. The stories are truly engrossing and the overriding narrative works well at tying the piece together. The use of colours against black and white also really compliments the darkness of the stories.


These are great stories with definite Jamesian and E F Benson echoes to it. Playing most certainly on what you don’t see and what is suggested the books really do stick with you long after you’ve read them. Which surely is the highest accolade of any good ghost story.


Make sure you seek them out and grab your copies at Andrew’s Etsy at