Philip HF3500/01 Wakeup Light – the best tech to wake up to in the morning!


Philips have long been renowned for their excellent lighting technology with their superb Ambi light systems and incredible slim style light bulbs. So we were over the moon at Getyourgeekon when we got a chance to do a suitably seasoned winter review of their HF3500/01 Wakeup Light. One we’d been hearing particularly exciting things about.




Although it’s a market with arguably lots of different alternates, Philips has long stood out with their expertise in lighting. Sitting on a small footprint base the light barely takes up any room at all compared to other competitors. On top of which it offers a range of 10 different brightness settings with a sunrise simulation to gradually wake you up in the morning. SAD (or season affective disorder) is now recognised as a condition which affects a large amount of the British public, and in the winter months the wakeup light really is a huge help against the disorder. Helping to replicate a bright morning (even if it’s pouring down outside!).



We tested the light out over the seasonal period, amidst the torrential storms of the UK when every morning was as dark as you could possibly hope for in the depths of winter. The light worked fantastically and was easily customisable to the user’s preferences. Not only was it a huge help to motivate and help wake you up. But it’s smooth, elegant design really added a wow factor to it’s aesthetics. We’re hugely impressed with the wakeup light and can’t wait to see what other lighting gems Philips has in store!

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