Terrifically Terrifying Tales from Trevor Henderson : Odd Noises in Empty Rooms

Trevor Henderson has fast been earning himself a reputation for his ghoulishly great illustrative work covering supernatural horrors the likes of which would unsettle the most hardest of sceptics.
So when we heard about his debut book ‘Odd Noises in Empty Rooms’ effectively an art book covering some of Trevor’s most unnerving work we simply couldn’t wait to check it out.
First up it has to be said Trevor’s work is stunning, the minimalist styling of the phantoms picking up on individual highlighted elements truly is nightmarish. Most certainly concentrating on that element of the unknown which is by far and above the scariest part of any good ghost story. Primarily in black and white the ghoulish figured seem to ‘loom’ out of the pages staring back at the reader. It’s disquieting and makes you ever eager to turn the page and find out who else lies in wait.
Within these 52 pages there’s a wealth of haints, spectres and incorporeal creeps on offer. Particular highlights have to be the ‘birthday ghost’ and ‘Camp Cinder phantom’. These quick suggestions of horrific tales are wonderfully tantalising and will leave you hungry to hear more about these nightmarish fiends.
Though primarily printed as a stapled booklet, the book has clearly been lovingly produced and the thick textured paper and off-focus text print gives the whole impression of reading something dream-like and uncanny. It’s a great concept and one which is very effective (esecpailly reading close to midnight in a darkened room).
All in we absolutely loved Trevor’s book and would highly recommend you seek yourself out a copy.
You can follow Trevor’s work at http://slimyswampghost.tumblr.com