Brilliant Blending with the JML Blender Nutri Blitzer

As big fans of culinary tech which can help ease the hassles found in cooking and creating delicious drinks we’ve obviously long been fans of the fantastic work of JML.

So when we heard about their latest blender, the JML Blender Nutri Blitzer with it’s incredible range of features we simply had to find out more!

Having previously covered JML blenders we were intrigued to see just how much of a step forwards the new Nutri Blitzer would be from the team’s previous products. It’s fair to say we were absolutely staggered by just how great the new JML Blender Nutri Blitzer is.

Straight out of the box JML have really put together a fantastic package with the Blitzer. Not only do you receive the main stylish power base, which houses the 700w motor within a minimalist exterior. But you also get two 650ml short cups, 1 x 900ml tall cup, 2 x easy screw on drink handles, 1 x cross blade, 1 x flat blade, 2 x resealable lids and a receipe book! Evidently a comprehensive package but one which isn’t leaving you trying to find room for extensive unnecessary extras.

Getting set up was also very straight forward. Out of the box the power base is ready to go. You simply select your ingredients to make your first delicious smoothie or blend, throw them into a cup, screw a blade attachment to that cup and then turn and twist into the power base! It should be said unlike other blenders the Blitzer was surprisingly quiet and not overly loud whilst blending.

What really sets the blender apart is the incredibly powerful 700w motor. Impressively the steel  extraction blades actually spin at 19,000rpm. So it was no surprise to found It made small effort out of the most robust ingredients and edibles such as nuts, stems skin and stalks are easily ground down for your drinks.

We were really keen to try and push the Nutri Blitzer’s blitzing capabilities and tried a range of robust food stuffs such as seeds, large nuts and leaves. What was particularly handy was the comprehensive reciepe book which JML supplies with the Blitzer which offered a wide range of drinks for you to try. Incredibly all the foods were quickly broken down without having to wait very long at all. We’re told this is down to the cyclonic vortex created by the fast spinning of the blades. Something which really makes creating a breakfast smoothie particularly quick and pain free when you need it most.

We absolutely loved the JML Blender Nutri Blitzer. For anyone looking for a stylish and very effective blender for their kitchen, or a means of creating delicious and quick smoothies this is an absolutely must have. Make sure you get yours today from