Gamechanging Grooming with Braun’s Precision Control Razor MGK 3060

We were hugely impressed with Brauns’ Pro Skin Electric Shaver, having such an incredible amount of tech packed into such a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic. So when the chance arose for us to cover the Braun 8-1 Precision Control Trimming Kit – we couldn’t wait to check out what Braun had in store! First up it has to be said akin to the Pro Skin Electric Shaver, the aesthetic of the razor is particularly impressive. Like the Pro Skin Electric the razor has a sleek exterior but also an easy to grip handle making it perfect for when your hands are wet from the bathroom.

This also fits well with the razor’s other fantastic feature of being fully washable for easy cleaning. Meaning that you can simply run it under the tap without any fear of doing damage to the electrics. One of Braun’s trademark incredible abilities. We were also blown away by the sheer amount of attachments which come with the razor.

Out of the box the full kit consists of 5 combs, which over 13 precision length settings (these range right through from 0.5-21mm). Accompanied with which there’s ear and nose trimmer attachments and a detail trimmer for those hard to reach spots. This is great for selecting an attachment for whatever you preference, be it stubble, mid length beards or simply tidying up a large full grown beard.

We were also really happy to find a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor came supplied as well! So for any clean up areas which require a wet shave this shaver’s added FlexBall technology allows for easy contouring when you need it most. This is a fantastic addition and really helped tidy baselines around the beard after fully trimming. But functionality is key, so we were keen to put the razor to the test – and we’re pleased to say we couldnt’ have been happier with the results. Charging was especially quick with 60 minutes of trim time from an 8 hour charge.


Because of this we never felt pushed for time whilst shaving and had time to really nail those hard to reach areas. It’s also easy to monitor your razor’s battery life with the LED featured at the base of the shaver. It’s clear to read and makes monitoring when your shaver needs a charge all the more easier! It’s also fantastic to find out that the razor’s blades offer a lifetime’s work of cutting. It’s clear to see why. The blades were extremely comfortable to cut with, and we felt no tugging or pulling like many other razors often do.

It’s clear to see why Braun are ahead of the game in shaving. The Braun Precision Control is one of the top razors out there. Make sure you get yours today from