Taking Graphic Novels to Beyond the Stars with Apollo on SelfMadeHero

As we  edge  cautiously  into  summer,  SelfMadeHero’s  extensive  range  of  graphic  novel  releases  are clearly showing  no  signs  of  slowing  down  anytime  soon.  Their  latest  ‘Apollo’  written  by  Chris  Baker  and  Matt  Finch  and  illustrated  by  the  very  talented  Mike  Collins.  Following  the  now  legendary  events  of  1969  when  astronauts  Neil  Armstrong,  Edwin  Buzz  Aldrin  and  Michael  Collins  undertook  one  of  the  most  momentous  journeys  ever  recorded    as  they  soared  out  of  our  hemisphere  and  into  the  history  books  on  their  trip  to  the  moon. 

This  graphic  novel  adaptation  of  the  first  lunar  mission  is  a  fascinating  insight  into  that  historical  trip.  With  rumours  and  speculation  rife  on  the  actual  events  which  took  place  on that  day  it still feels very personal to the crew and their families  covering their hopes and dreams amidst such a mammoth event.  True it’s a reimagining but in doing so it’s created something very special indeed – with a huge amount of suspense and a lot of heart.

First  up it  has  to be  said  Mike  Collins  art  style  is  superb. The dramatic panelling and colour tones perfectly capture the mood of the event and the crew’s emotions. There’s a real feeling of classic pulp comics too with his artwork. ( You  might  well  recognise  his  work  from  TV  including  Dr  Who.)  So this really makes it ideal for conveying a real classic sci-fi comic feel  to  the  narrative  and perfect  for  this  space  epic.


All in ‘Apollo’ is an absolutely stunning story, one which is incredibly engaging, especially considering how familiar we all are with the first manned mission to the moon. It’s no lie amidst this reimagining you’ll be  left  enthralled  following  the  lives  of  these  three  brave  men  and  the  army  of  people  who  helped  get  them where no many had gone before (and safely back home.)

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