Heavenly Headphones with Vemont’s Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Wireless Headphones

With such a wide array of Bluetooth headphones out on the market it can often prove overwhelming trying to find a pair that fits your needs. Especially with their wide use within sport and exercise and the subsequent issues with small ear buds remaining in place whilst you train.

So when we first caught wind of Vemont’s Bluetooth Sports Headphones which promised a versatile but sturdy Bluetooth headphone matched with mini sd card and radio capabilities how could we miss out!

On first inspection the Vermont’s are stunning, evidently a lot of thought and consideration have gone into their build. The outer black and red casing is robust enough to take a battering whilst in use training. At the same time remaining aesthetically pleasing and stylish. What’s also fantastic is the rubberised ‘sweatproof’ cable band, allowing you to wipe it down after training.

But looks aren’t everything and it’s good to see Vemont haven’t forgot themselves in functionality. The Vemont Bluetooth headphones sound is phenomenal – delivering crisp, clear sound. Connectivity is remarkably easy, and we had no issues getting started or with Bluetooth drops. By simply clicking on the activation button on the side of the headphone you can turn the headphones power on and off – along with which you can easily pause, stop and skip tracks!

What’s also particularly impressive are the headphones hook design, allowing the ‘cups’ to sit comfortably over each ear without fear of them slipping. Whilst training , these are remarkably steadfast and we didn’t experience any issues with them becoming loose around your ears. Making for a reliable and sturdy music experience. The headphones are also setup for controlling calls via your phone and have an astonishingly clear inbuilt mike. We found call quality clear and ideal for when you need to be hands free.

Most sports headphones would stop here- but not the Vemont Bluetooth headphones – on top of their incredible range of features the headphones also carry a discreet microsd card slot and fm radio function allowing you to play your own audio whenever suits you without the need of a phone. Amazing

All in all we absolutely loved the vemont headphone and would highly recommend them for any keen sports and music lover or someone looking for a sturdy and stylish alternative to the vast range of mobile phone headphones available.
Find out more at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vemont-Bluetooth-Headphones-Comfortable-Sweatproof-Black/dp/B073WRBF5W