Phenomenal Photography Equipment with the BlackRapid Double Breathe camera strap


Here at GYGO will like things that make things a little easier for our friends. We had an opportunity to get our hands on the BlackRapid Double Breathe camera strap so we thought we would hand it over to one of our friends who photographers weddings for a living to put it through its paces.


The big thing that makes BlackRapid straps unique is that instead of using the traditional over the neck camera strap that comes with your camera, which if you are shooting all day with a 70-200mm on your neck you are going to know about it. The BlackRapid use a “FastenR”. This is basically a screw on a small carabiner that goes straight into the cameras tripod mount at the base of the camera. The camera is then supported upside down which the strap allows the camera to sit at your side.


The carabiner allows you to remove your camera from the strap quickly but has a screw and is secured by the “LockStar” clips.

The best way I can describe the Double Breathe is that it is actually made up of two single straps. A right and a left. I say this because the straps can be used interpedently from each other as across the body straps.


Alternatively put the two together so you can carry two camera bodies at once. This is incredibly useful. When you are tiptoeing around a church during a ceremony you can set yourself up with two bodies with different lens. This allows you to be ready with the kit you need but gives you the space and flexibility to use them by keeping the spare one at your side out the way.



The straps come apart and go together with ease so you can easily swap from one to two straps when the situations calls for it. The buckles, clips and strap lengths are all completely adjustable. This allows you to balance out the kit and make the camera’s sit where you want them to.

The shoulder pads made it very comfortable to wear all day. No stiff neck for this photographer!

One of these is going in my kit bag for sure. If you want one check out the link