Chargekey – backup charge cables in the palm of your hand!


We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the fantastic Chargecard late last year when the Nomad team over in the states kindly sent Get your geek on an exclusive test version.
Needless to say we were impressed. Nomad launched ChargeCard, last year on Kickstarter and exceeded their goal by 300%

Who wants to carry bundles of cables like you around when you can carry a cool, sleek plastic card with you instead to charge your phone! Plus after Apple’s last software update for iphone no doubt you’ll have experienced sudden power drops…never good when you’re on your way to a meeting!



So we were hugely excited to hear about their latest offering  ‘ChargeKey!’ An adaptation of the card so that the charging cable itself fits within the constraints of a ‘key-like’ fob. Perfect for putting alongside your keys and to stop you fumbling around for one of those cables when you need it most. We’re also told it’s the world’s smallest, most portable USB cable. It also allows for charging from any USB port (works just like your standard iPhone 5 cable) and full data transfer when connected to a computer. It also feels a sturdy design no thanks down to the high grade plastics they use from Bayer (Germany) and GLS (USA).

We were really impressed with the aesthetics. Again the guys at Nomad have excelled themselves. It’s minimal nature really allows for it to sync in perfectly with your other keys rather than just being a big lump on your keychain. We experienced no issues with using it for charging our iPhone 5 and if anything the connection time seemed pretty fast!


We’d highly recommend you check these out soon, no doubt they’ll be flying off the shelves. If you’ve not got yourselves a Chargecard already (or maybe you have and you need a backup) then this is the perfect option.

Order yours now: