Deluxe Denture Defence in the Palm of your Hand – it’s Philips Sonicare toothbrush!

  We’re big fans of Philips at GYGO having previously covered their excellent range in home electrical including their minimalistic toaster and Azure iron ranges. So when the opportunity arose to check out their range of impressive Sonicare DiamondClean Smart toothbrushes we couldn’t say no. To even call these ‘toothbrushes’ seems an injustice into just how cutting edge they are!

The Sonicare DiamondClean Smart holds the accolade of being the world’s most intelligent toothbrush and it’s easy to see why. Housed within it’s sleek minimalist exterior, smart sensors allow the toothbrush and it’s range of interchangeable heads to sync with a connected smartphone app. In doing so, these sensors advise you on obtaining the best clean possible via a live visual representation of the cleaning motion on your teeth.

The Diamond Clean comes complete with 3 premium brush heads tailored for a range of teeth cleaning purposes. From ‘Premium White’, ‘Gum Care’ and ‘Plaque Control’ along with a custom ‘Tongue Care’ addition. Meaning you have exactly the right piece of kit for a range of brushing purposes. What’s even more impressive is that Philips assures us that these brush heads will give exceptional results resulting from 10 x more plaque removal, whiter teeth in three days or up to 7 x healthier gums in just two weeks – not to mention longer lasting fresh breath! Impressively the toothbrush also comes with it’s own safe and secure travel pack allowing you to carry the DiamondCare safely with you wherever you travel to, ensuring you’ll maintain your denture health.

Upon first testing we were curious to see how the hype would live up – especially with the promise of such a range of benefits from a home toothbrush. It’s fair to say we were blown way with the results. Straight out of the box the Diamond Clean is incredibly sleek and minimalistic compared to many of it’s electric tooth brush competitors. It’s more akin to buying a premium product from the likes of Apple with the stylish ‘welcome’ guide and range of accessories. The toothbrush is also evidently completely different to most other models with a range of backlit options on the handle which illuminate when a new bluetooth head is attached. It’s like something out of Black Mirror and incredibly futuristic. But don’t be deceived into thinking it’s purely all aesthetic.

The Diamond Care offers a level of brushing is incredibly advanced. On first use it’s something of a shock as it’s better compared to a dentists’ plaque removal brush. Such is the power of the unit, something we never expected from a home electric tooth brush. Your teeth instantly feel polished and leave you with a much higher level of plaque removal than most other brushes. Most of all we were hugely impressed with how well the unit synced with the Sonicare app. Simply activating the app you’re given full instructions on how to clean and maintain your denture health via the easy to use app which separates your teeth into individual sections with highlighted guides on where you should be brushing.

The timing is also monitored by a quadpacer interval timer which indicates when it’s time to move onto the next set of teeth. This is so helpful and we were astonished by how well we were guided, being told by the app we were brushing too fast and sections we’d skimped brushing on and needed to spend longer removing plaque. What’s even more impressive is on completion you’re given a 3d rendering of your teeth to demonstrate how well you did – simply incredible.

Also we were really impressed with battery life. For the speed of the brush we were expecting to quickly go through a charge on the brush. But that’s not the case and we lasted several long brushes (even after going back to do extra brushes).

But even after running down the battery keeping the toothbrush charged was phenomenally easy by placing the base of the Diamond Clean toothbrush into the accompanying ‘charging glass’. Then when the glass is situated over the included charging plug you can ensure that within 24 hours your toothbrush will be ready to go.

All in we were hugely impressed with the Sonicare Diamond Care – it’s a phenomenal electric toothbrush and one which should be held as the benchmark for all other electric toothbrushes.
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