A Political History Packed into one Publication with SelfMadeHero’s ‘ Best of Enemies . Vol 3′

The conflict between the US and Middle East is a fight which has seemingly been fought for eons. So we were particularly intrigued to hear about David B and Jean-Pierre Filiu’s third adaptation of their historical guide into the confict out now on SelfMadeHero. After seeing some of the early artwork from the fantastic looking ‘Best of Enemies : A History of US and Middle East Relations vol.3’ we were intrigued to discover more about the fantastic looking historical graphic novel – most importantly just how could one graphic novel encapsulate such a messy history following the political history between the US and Middle East in the middle of the 80s.

With the success of Volume 1 and 2 David B and Filiu pick up where vol. 2 left off and we delve in amidst the chaos of 1984. During this tempestuous time  we follow Iraq’s invasion into Kuwait during 1990 – which of course ends with Obama deciding to not intervene in Syria during 2013. A historical ruling.As we follow Amidst this chaos we get an insight into the first Gulf War, the response to the fall of the Twin Towers right up to our current political climate. It’s also great to get a comparison between the historical Western leaders (Bush(es), Clinton, Obama) against the likes of Hussein, Laden and Al-Assad.

It’s a phenomenal undertaking and one which both writers have done fantastically well with. Filiu having been previously cut his teeth as a diplomat does a great job at simplifying what has to be a very confusing political history amidst this time period. In doing so the reader is never left feeling short changed – and the book is still brilliantly informative. Whilst David B is notably the artist who worked on the brilliant memoir Epiletic – and his stark greyscale tones sit superbly well with the horrors of the war.  Not to mention his satirical takes on world leaders and their questionable actions.

For anyone with an interest in the political history between these countries, or just looking for a graphic novel with a difference – this is an absolute must have.

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