Inside the Mind of a Master – SelfMadeHero’s ‘Magritte: This is Not a Biography’

SelfMadeHero’s biographical graphic novels have offered a fantastic alternative to the standard written biography by offering a visual insight into the lives (and minds) of an array of legendary characters throughout history.

This element really comes into it’s own with SelfMadeHero’s truly stunning ‘Magritte : This is Not a Biography’ which follows the artistic master himself René Magritte but from the unique standpoint as businessman Charles Singular. Charles, unwittingly purchases the famous painter’s bowler hat and in doing so finds himself entering a world of surrealism and oddity. As Charles explores this strange new land, he uncovers a host of interesting facts about the master, clearly someone who often found himself at odds with himself and the world. Soon it becomes clear that Charles must attempt to uncover as much about Magritte as possible, or risk being stuck with the hat forever.

Magritte : This is Not a Biography offers an exciting insight into the world of the clearly troubled Magritte. A man,who like many of his contemporaries, was clearly something of a troubled genius and often found himself struggling to make sense of his world. This is most by the fact that he struggles with simple act of painting, something which he dislikes though has brought him so much fame.

It It has to be said Vincent Zabus has crafted a superb surrealist tale about the legendary figure which constantly keeps you on the edge your toes as Charles attempts to uncover the secrets behind the legend. It’s a unique narrative style and one which works particularly well, as you find yourself learning more and more about a figure who inspired so many.

But what truly stands out is Thomas Campi’s absolutely beautiful illustrations. Campi’s work honours Magritte fantastically, but at the same time stands apart with a feel of innocence about it akin to a classic children’s picture book. Almost emphasising Charles’ quest for knowledge on the great man himself.

Magritte : This is Not a Biography is another absolutely beautiful biographical graphic novel from SelfMadeHero. For anyone even with a passing interest in art you’ll find yourself lost in a phenomenal story which will keep you thoroughly entertained.

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