Replica Electric DeLorean – when this baby hits 88mph…!


Replica Electric DeLorean

Samantha Swan

Are you a big fan of the Back to the Future trilogy? Do you have a passion for cars and perhaps £70,000 going spare, then there maybe something here for you, and that something being anElectric DeLorean. An exact replica from the films that could be yours to own. How exciting would that be?

Although this car, brought to you by the DeLorean Motor Company, is battery powered, its AC induction liquid-cooler electric motor give the car enough speed to go from 0 – 60 in less than five seconds, as well as topping at a speed of 125mph. Pretty quick hey?

Ok, so there is no flux capacitor to send you back in time, but you can’t deny the car still looks awesome with its leather interior and a built in GPS display to take you where you need to go.

At £70,000 it isn’t cheap, but are you willing to turn down the chance to be Marty McFly? Then make sure you visit Firebox for further information. You know you want to.