Soundpeats – Bedazzling Bluetooth Audio!

We love cutting edge audio tech here at GYGO so when the good people at Soundpeats got in touch to discuss their incredible Bluetooth Transmitter Muson MK2 Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver we couldn’t wait to hear all about it!

We were particularly intrigued to hear more about the Soundpeatz Bluetooth Transmitter particularly from the imagery which showed it’s sleek aesthetic and easy ‘plug ability’. Straight out of the box this light weight and small adapter can be used as a transmitter or receiver. Harnessing Bluetooth 4.1 via it’s 3.5mm jack. Because of this the transmitter is easily fitted to a range of different audio systems.
We were amazed at how easy it was to simply ‘plug and go’ using it for listening to personal stereos and home entertainment.

It really is incredible fast to connect and manage. You get a host of cables with the bluetooth transmitter including a USB charging cable, 3.5 audio cable, 3.5 metal adaptor and an RCA cable. Just via the one MFB button, two volume buttons and the singular TX/RX switch button you can quickly turn on ‘pairing mode’

What’s even more remarkable is the inbuilt Mic on the receiver. This fantastic additional allows you to receive a handsfree call or even reject and hold the existing call to transfer to another waiting. You also have easy access to changing the volume to suit whatever requirements you have just by how long you hold down the control button. Something which is hugely helpful.

Also incredibly lag is barely noticeable between transmitting – this is something which doesn’t always happen with bluetooth receivers so we were particularly blown away by this.

We were really blown away with the battery life which kept us happily accessing our audio systems over 10hours! Though we’re officially told charge is between 1.5-2hours which will keep the transmitter operational between 10h with a standby time of 15h.

If you’re someone who uses their audio systems a lot, especially in situations such as commuting in a car and you need easy access then the Bluetooth Transmitter Muson MK2 is a must. Get yours today -  (£5 off with code E3DM79P2)