Feline Friendly Food Solutions – It’s Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder!

We’re big fans of gadget solutions to help keep our pets fed and entertained at GYGO. So when we heard about the revolutionary Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder  we couldn’t wait to find out more! What’s hugely reassuring is the fact that NoBowl has been created with cats in mind by veterinarian Doctor Liz Bales. Dr Liz has studied the key areas surrounding keeping your cat fed and living a healthy happy life and evidently has come up with a groundbreaking and quite brilliant solution.

This incredibly foreword-thinking feeding solution offers your pets an exciting means of sourcing their food – by secreting their meals in a range of soft skinned mice, allowing them to literally hunt for their food!  We’re told this is better for your cat as bowl feeding alone can easily lead to overfeeding and potentially boring your cat. But via the Indoor Hunting Feeder your cat has an exciting alternative, which keeps them stimulated and hunting like they’re naturally inclined to do.

We were keen to test out the kit, especially with a large eternally hungry cat on standby we were in the perfect condition to do so. The Indoor Hunting Feeder comes with literally everything you need to get started. Within your pack contains five soft skinned, mice and their plastic inner casings which hold the food. We had no trouble whatsoever fitting the mouse skins over the inner plastic casings, it was remarkably easy.

The mouse’s skin has a drawstring too (acting as a ‘tail’) which ensures the Naked ‘belly’ section is kept secure inside. The mouse shapes are particularly well thought out and we’re told that the texture of the Indoor Hunting Feeders are perfect for cats to interact their claws and paws with. On top of which, the actual naked ‘belly’ (which holds the food) is shaped in such a way that it reacts in the same way that a real mouse would when thrown or moved by a cat, which keeps your pet happy and reassured nothing is amiss when they’re ‘hunting their prey!’

Once these were fitted we were easily able to fill each mouse with hard cat food via the use of the included scoop. This means you can easily fill each mouse precisely without over feeding or under feeding your pet. The ‘belly’ of each mouse is designed to hold 1/5th of the daily ration of your cat, so you can hide the five around your house and your cat can enjoy spending time finding and eating them.


We took time ensuring the mice were well hidden around our building before allowing our cat to explore and seek them out late one night. Usually our cat is restless at night and quite often overly energetic at obscure times of the day. So it was remarkable to watch him take time out and really enjoy finding his food.  Just a day or two later we found he’d become calmer and more rested at night, having been more energetic in finding his food. He was also less inclined to wake us up early as he was enjoying finding his food without us having to go and put any in a bowl for him. He was happier and undoubtedly had enjoyed the change in the process of finding his food.

What also was great was how easy it was to wash the Indoor Hunting Feeder after use. The mouse skins are all machine washable and the naked ‘belly’ sections themselves could be easily washed out, removing any food residue.

It’s easy to say but it was a phenomenal change in such a short space of time. It of course makes perfect sense that your cat will want to naturally seek out their food and you can understand why constantly eating from the same bowl in the same place can become boring. With the Indoor Hunting Feeder your cat really does get to eat more naturally and you’re rewarded with a happier cat. But don’t just take our word for it, there’s countless reviews online of how effective the Indoor Hunting Feeder is for cats. Clearly this is a revolution in pet feeding, and the team behind the system should be commended for their handwork.



We highly recommend you check out ordering your Indoor Hunting Feeder today – at https://docandphoebe.com/

For UK customers at https://docandphoebe.com/blogs/the-catvocate-blog/the-nobowl-feeding-system-has-launched-in-the-uk