Amazing Accessory Aesthetics With Aukey’s Bluetooth Aluminium Keyboard

   We never miss out an opportunity to check out new computer accessories here at GYGO, so when the opportunity arose to check out Aukey’s fantastic wireless slimline bluetooth keyboard we couldn’t refuse!

The Aukey Bluetooth Aluminium Alloy Wireless Portable Ultra-Slim Keyboard is an incredible accessory for any modern workstation. With the aluminium finish it’s clearly close to the Mac OS X’s own aesthetic, though is in fact even slimmer! (Quite an incredible feat in itself).

Straight out of the box it’s remarkably easy to get up and running. It doesn’t take more than a quick charge from the mini usb cable before you’re able to make use of the 160 hour Battery life thanks to it’s Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery! This is a huge peace of mind when you’re working on large scale projects and something we found a huge reassurance. You can also easily monitor the battery life thanks to the easily viewable LEDS on the top of the accessory.



We also loved the back keys inset into the aluminium alloy finish. This really does set it apart from so many other keyboards, keeping it durable but also sleek. The keys being low set also allow for quick typing, which is hugely helpful when you’re writing long written projects.

What’s also fantastic is the fact that Aukey give you a full 12 months warranty on your device. Which is superb to know when it’s such a key part of your computer setup.

On top of which it’s also incredibly compatible with a wide range of devices including iOS, Android, and Windows systems. Also even other accessories such as iphones, iPad, Notebook, MacBook, Samsung, to name but a few.  This really does make it perfect for pairing with tablets for working on the move.  It should also be said the keyboard is phenomenally light, at under 640g. So if you’re planning on travelling with the accessory you know you won’t have to endure hauling a large keyboard with you.

All in this is a phenomenally impressive keyboard from Aukey. Being both incredibly functional, whilst simultaneously stunning to look at. For the price alone it’s an incredible bargain.

Make sure you grab yours today from