Following the Tormented Tale of Tille Walden – SelfMadeHero’s Spinning

Tillie Walden has undoubtedly turned heads since her appearance on the scene. At just 21 she’s published four books to date alongside her web comic which is updated weekly. So we were intrigued to see how her latest publication ‘Spinning’ would hold up out now on SelfMadeHero.

It’s fair to say ‘Spinning’ is something very special indeed. A memoir following Walden’s own past as an ice skater amidst a classic tale of someone coming of age. Walden’s illustrations are stunning and beautifully convey the torment behind her hating figure skating yet feeling trapped within the sport. Also fighting against her bullies, skaters and coaches not to mention depression and PTSD at such a young age.

Walden’s minimalistic illustrative style perfectly compliments the tone of the story. Her drawing style, appearing at first glance minimal, is staggeringly complex at times, with so much conveyed with just the most minor of lines. Walden’s use of just a few pastel colours and minimal lines really helps the story breathe and assists the book’s pacing. Also the use of just several shades of paste colours give the overall story a particularly nostalgic tone.

At times Spinning feel truly quite brutal, giving an insight into Tillie’s loneliness and her need to connect with others. Whilst at the same time looking the young figure skater looks to come out as gay,  and break away from the sport she’s started to hate and into her art.

It should be said the book is an impressively large 400 pages, but with a story as engaging as this, you never feel it dragging. Walden’s journey is incredible with a huge amount of depth, as we see her character grow and establish her own identity. As a personal narrative it’s extremely open and will most certainly keep you ever eager to turn the page.

SelfMadeHero have produced yet another stunning graphic memoir which fits in fantastically with their autobiographical range of graphic novels. Clearly Tillie Walden is early into a long and prosperous career. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her..

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