Corbyn Comic Book Mania! We check out SelfMadeHero’s Corbyn Comic Book!

2017 has been an incredible year for SelfMadeHero with the publishing house recently celebrating their 10th anniversary. Undoubtedly one of their most hotly tipped releases this year has to be the Corbyn Comic, which picked up a huge amount of press on it’s preview after ‘Corbyn-Mania’ swept the country during June’s general election.

A call was put out by SelfMadeHero for writers and artists to submit their work as part of an anthology of stories following the legendary labour leader. On top of which, work would accompany established cartoonists Steve Bell (Guardian), Martin Rowson, Stephen Collins, Kate Evans, Steven Appleby and Karrie Fransman. With such a wealth of talent laying the groundwork of the comic, we were particularly intrigued to see the finished result. The only prerequisites being that the comics themselves could be a minimum of one panel and up to three pages long at the very maximum – in either black and white or colour. After a wealth of submissions (which, from what we glimpsed on social media looked incredible) a select few were chosen – and the result is something very special indeed.

The Corbin Comic Book is fantastically varied and shows just how much Corbyn has become a folk hero to many. Corbyn’s token quirks such as his passion for jam (quite often transformed into a weapon within these stories). Or his cat El Gato taking centre stage. Not to mention Jeremy departing his allotment and displaying super human powers. In one case fighting off ‘Maydusa’ a monstrous incarnation of Theresa May.  Or an inter-dimensional invasion fleet of Daily Mail death drones blasting everything with their Tory food bank rays. It truly is political fantasy at it’s very best.

What really stands out is the wealth of styles on offer. From the zany and fantastical stylings of Keith Mcdougall to the stunning watercolour’esque images of Hannah Berry. There’s a rich variation between tones and it’s refreshing to the palette to be able to dive into such a diverse amount of stories and styles within one publication.

To call it just a ‘comic book’ seems almost an injustice when it’s far more than what that term might conjure up. Evidently SelfMadeHero have demonstrated time and time again their ability to harness what’s current in their output. Amidst a year when Corbyn mania took centre stage on the political landscape this could not have come out at a better time.

A must for any comic book fan or anyone who followed the election with scrutiny.

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