Astounding Audio Adapters. We love the Aukey Bluetooth Receiver!

In the modern age of tech it’s quite often tough finding a way of coupling your smart devices to your actual in house stereo. Or allow hands free calling when you’re on the move. Which is why when we heard about the Aukey Bluetooth Receiver Audio Music Adapter which promised to fix this issue we simply couldn’t wait to find out more!


This sleek adapter allows the user to wirelessly stream audio from your bluetooth enabled devices to your existing wired home stereo speakers/headphones. Straight out of the box we were extremely impressed with the size of the receiver. It really is incredible compact. Which makes it perfect for sitting alongside your home audio setup.  The receiver also comes with a usb device to allow the receiver to be charged by your home computer and audio cables allowing for easy plugging into your hi fi system.

From there setup couldn’t have been easier. By simply using the one button easy pairing, (holding down the central button for several seconds) activates/deactivates the device you can quick access the bluetooth receiver from your smart device. What’s even more impressive if you can connect two bluetooth devices simultaneously. Meaning not one person has to have dominance over the device!

We also loved the fact that the receiver offered hands-free calling with a built-in microphone offering 8 hours of talk and play time or up to 720 hours of standby time! Really quite incredible if you’re on the move extensively but need to be able to quickly make calls.

This is an incredible piece of kit and an absolute must for any audio fan out there! Get yours today at


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