Terrific Tripods : We Love the Aukey Flexible Camera Tripod

Our friends at Aukey have had a plethora of great tech out of late. This week we had a chance to check out the next step for photographers looking to take a picture with a difference.

Straight up we had a chance to check out the Aukey Flexible Camera Tripod. This great piece of kit allows the user to mount their digital camera onto the flexible and versatile frame to allow for stabilised and fantastic imagery!

Quite often the bugbear with many tripods is the fact that the legs are so rigid, meaning users can’t get the shots they want. Not with the Aukey Flexible Tripod. We were astounded at how easy it was to position the tripod to suit our range of requirements for shots. It was incredibly versatile allowing us to affix our camera to logs, fences, furniture, railings and so much more!

Out of the box it was incredibly quick to fix together the tripod with it’s mount systems which easily connect your phone/camera together with the tripod and allow you to get shooting.  It’s also great to see a 24 month warranty! So you’ve got peace of mind for your tripod.

The tripod was also very easy to manouvre with a tilting & rotating ball mount, pivoting legs, and twenty-seven full flex leg parts. So it really does allow for total freedom of movement! It also should be said the tripod fits phones up to 5.7” screen size so whatever your camera there’s sure to be a fitting there for you.

We absolutely loved the Aukey Flexible Tripod-  get yours today from