Matty Collector : Ecto Goggles

Matty Collector have long been setting a high standard with their faithful ‘prop’ lines recreating an exciting array of movie collectables from film lines such as Batman, Ghostbusters and Back to the Future. So it’s with extreme excitement that we got to check out their rather fantastic ‘Ecto Goggles’, known by any serious Ghostbuster fan as being adorned by Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz in the series.

The props arrive in suitable GB shipping crate packaging. A fantastic touch that Matty have used for all their GB props. Warning stickers adorn the outside, warning users of the dangers of misuse. Inside the props are a faithful reconstruction from the film moulds. Although missing the display inside the goggles they do still have reconstructions of attacks by Slimer. Also (excitingly) they link up with the PKE meter to show further displays of the library ghost from GB 1 and proton streams! The audio is excellent and the visual quality is good too.


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The headstrap is comfortable for most head sizes. The gygo team tried it out and no one had any problems comfortably wearing it. So it would suit long term cosplay and fancy dress parties for certain. Another great touch is having stickers included to customise the goggles in your own styling. This interlinking the props is a very cool touch. We look forward to seeing how the Neutrino Wand will link in with existing props! These are definitely worth investing in for any GB fan or prop collector. With theother props quickly selling out, you’d better move fast!