Aukey Amazes with their Incredible Aluminum Superspeed USB Hub!

Our friends at Aukey have a superb reputation in functional and effective peripherals which help ease the stresses of the everyday tech user.

That’s why when we caught wind about their incredible Aluminium superspeed usb hub we simply couldn’t wait to find out more!

This incredible piece of tech is a lifesaver if (like many geeks out there) you’re constantly annoyed by the lack of available usb ports fitted onto the latest laptops hitting the market. In terms of adding compactibility they’re great, but there’s always going to be a situation where you’ll need to run two usb peripherals at the same time.

With it’s clean aluminium finish the Aluminum Superspeed USB Hub from Aukey attempts to remedy this situation with 4 x usb 3.0 ports added to your laptop or desktop computer. The transfer speed is also astounding at usb 3.0 and supporting data transfer up to 5gbps.

But functionality aside the Aluminum Superspeed USB Hub clearly looks the part too with a gorgeous sleek aluminium finish. Fitting in especially with the modern line of Apple macbooks and imacs. On top of which its’ compact and slim designs offer extra desk/table space when you’re fitting up your peripherals.

It’s also a relief to find that no drivers/additional software is required so simply plug it in and you’re good to go!

We absolutely loved the Aukey Aluminum Superspeed USB Hub for any tech head out there keen to expand on their usb ports without wanting the clutter of a larger usb hub, there’s simply no other option.


Make sure you get yours today from Aukey at