Happy Halloween – it’s time to hide behind the sofa again.

Well happy halloween to all you new readers! What could be better after over a decade than to dig out the original shaky handy cam footage game changer ‘Ghostwatch’. But guess what, even better someone’s made a documentary on it. It’s not half bad!

Ghostwatch – behind the curtains is a thorough look into ‘Ghostwatch’ the halloween program back in 1992 that literally caused a ‘war of the world’s ‘ style panic throughout Britain. It’s hard to imagine now, but back then tbe beeb was reveered as a trusted, never edgy broadcaster. In broadcasting Ghostwatch one halloween ( a clever haunted house style investigation program hosted by Michael Parkinson, Sarah Green, Mike Smith and Craig Charles) they started something that would eventually go on to motivate filmmakers to create hits such as the Blair Witch Project, and subsequently Paranormal Activity..and more.

I could go on and describe further just what a glorious insight into the program it is, but really it’s just worth a watch to remind yourself just how scary things could be back in the early 90s. With tales of a haunted London home and cat wails keeping you up at night.

Sleep well….

BUY THE DVD : http://www.ghostwatchbtc.com/