Magnificent Magnets We Check First4Magnets Incredible Ferrite Recovery Magnet!

We’ve covered a wealth of outdoor gadgets and gizmos here at GYGO. These range from camping accessories to look after you when you’re venturing into the great oudoors. Not to mention outdoor activity tech to keep you entertained whilst camping under the stars. So when we stumbled upon the fantastic First4Magnets and their range of cutting edge magnets we couldn’t wait to hear all about their Ferrite Recovery Magnet series! To anyone who hasn’t encountered these incredible pieces of kit before, Ferrite recovery magnets are used extensively in activities such as river fishing, where the magnet’s incredible pull strength can lift weights up to (and in some cases over ) 130kg! Pretty incredible. First4magnets  offer some fantastic variations in recovery magnets and were kind enough to let us check out the 130kg Ferrite Recovery Magnet with M14 Eyebolt (accompanied by an incredibly strong Polyester Rope (with a 420kg breaking strength).


So, keen to check out just how well the ferrite magnet would hold up doing what it does best we hit the local river and decided to give it a shot! Setting up the magnet was remarkably easy. Out of the box the Ferrite Recovery Magnet has a screw in eyebolt piece which makes it simple to screw into the main magnet. It’s also remarkably secure which is great when you’re hauling such a weighty magnet across unknown riverbed. From there we used a standard secure knot with double loop to ensure there was no way our magnet was going to detach from our fishing rope.

IMG_3310 IMG_3308

The magnet itself focuses all the magnetism on one face which ensures the maximum holding force is concentrated for recovering large metal items. This is down to the chrome plated steel shell which means the North Pole is on the centre of the magnetic face and the South Pole on the outer edge. This steel chasis actually increases the force of the magnets making them phenomenally strong for the size. That force is nothing to be sneezed at with a 2% tolerance each magnet can support up to 130kg when in close contact with a metallic object we’re told. A fact which is pretty incredible.

IMG_3314   IMG_3315

So with such a strong magnetism it had to be said it was great peace of mind to find the magnet comes with a protective shielding. This way you know the Ferrite’s extreme magnetism won’t affect any gadgets or other instruments. Having said that it’s of course recommendable to keep them away from any electronics of items which might be at risk.


So we were all ready to go! After hitting the waters we travelled out to the outskirts of the local village and decided to start our first ‘magnet fish’! It should be said the magnet is pretty heavy so it’s well worth ensuring it’s well tied to yourself or a loop in your kayak/canoe to ensure you don’t lose it on the riverbed. Having said that, also ensure it’s connected to a fast release mechanism in case it’s taken down too deep.


After carefully lowering your Ferrite magnet into the waters it’s simply a case of trawling the riverbed and hoping for the best! It should be said that a host of treasure has been hauled up by magnet fishing enthusiasts over recent years so it’s worth persisting with. Sadly our haul wasn’t quite exciting and consisted of just a handful of fishing hooks, bottle tops and pieces of scrap metal. But it’s worth noting the strength of the magnet was incredible. Making short work of hauling up metals it actually proves quite an effort to remove any metals brought up by the magnet.


All in all we were incredibly impressed with the Ferrite Recovery Magnet with M14 Eyebolt, it’s an incredibly tough and impressively strong recovery magnet which is clearly built to last. For amateurs or professional magnet fishermen (and women) you’ll be hard pushed to find a better suited magnet. On top of which First4magnets have an incredible range of magnets from industrial to small scale. If you’re after a magnet of any type clearly they should at the top of your list.


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