Superb spectral guides – it’s the L’effroyable encyclopédie des revenants by Élian Black’mor

 After covering the very talented Elian Black’Mor work previously with ‘The Cursed ‘ we were keen to check out some of his earlier work too which includes a host of publications steeped in mystical and occultist creatures. Which is why when we heard about ‘ L’effroyable encyclopédie des revenants by Élian Black’mor ‘ (a guide to ghosts) we simply couldn’t wait to find out more.


Displaying the trademark classic stylings of Black’Mor and his collaborator Carine M, ‘L’effroyable’ is a hugely enjoyable journey through a vast array of the dead through history. This time narrated by Pierre Dubois. From spooks in the cellar to atrocious dead things in the attic, we learn all about the stories surrounding such creatures and what we should be most cautious of.


The artwork again is stunning, with an incredible amount of intricate detail surrounding each image. We were particularly taken with the stylised pencil drawings. Some of which (it’s fair to say) have the style of Burton’esque characters adding to the gothic and ‘morbid’ feel to the content.


It also has to be said that the full page image work is truly stunning (very much in the style of the chronicles) and if you’re a fan of Black’Mor and Carine M’s artwork you won’t be left down by the sheer amount of artwork in here. Balanced against an epic amount of information about the dead.


At 224 pages it’s a vast read and one which is hugely enjoyable. The layouts really allow the artwork to breathe, without the images ever feeling ‘compressed’ or pushing for space. It’s a fantastically enticing delve into the depths of the dark things that live under your bed and one which you won’t put down anytime soon.


If you’re a fan of Black’Mor’s work you’ll most certainly want check out  L’effroyable encyclopédie des revenants by Élian Black’mor ‘ – Find out all about him at