Vivacious Victoriana with The Black’Mor Chronicles – ‘The Cursed : Welcome to the Park of the Chimeras’


When we first glimpsed the luscious artwork and heard about the Victoriana styled Black’mor Chronicles: The Cursed : Welcome to the Park of the Chimeras we simply couldn’t wait to find out more about the publication and the stories that lay behind it.


You might recognise the fictional name-sake of Elian Black’mor having written a series of books following mystical and fantastical creatures such as ‘On the track of the Dragons Oubliés ‘ or ‘the frightful Encyclopédie des Revenants ,’ Working behind this pen name he’s really gained a reputation for books seeped in myths and legends with his equally talented Carine-M. This time The Black’Mor Chronicles –  ‘The Cursed : Welcome to the Park of the Chimeras’ really sets a new trend as a story based in the sordid depths of Victorian London with a host of mystical creatures on the loose.


The story itself follows a series of cases told from the perspective of ‘Elian’ detailing how mythical beasts were once hunted but have since been hidden away from our world. But now due to an unexpected event, these mythical beasts are now roaming the foggy depths of Victorian London. In doing so, hunters have arisen to capture them, but will they succeed?


Crafted by talented writer, Illustrator and designers Elian Black’Mor and his girlfriend Carine-M, ‘The Black’Mor Chronicles’ details a collection of case files based around fantastical creatures supposedly overtaking Victorian London. As a concept it’s decidedly nothing new, but the styling and presentation of ‘The Cursed’ is what really sets this book apart.


The Cursed : Welcome to the Park of the Chimeras’ is evidently a passion project. The detailing alone in the artwork on the fantastical beasts is truly astonishing, with some beautifully lavish spreads. The colour toning is equally evocative and really gives a wonderful tone to the book.  The gloss elements on a matt laminate print of the book really gives the publication a fantastic tactile finish.


On top of which the story has a fantastic depth. Piecing together the cases you really gain a sense of the world, with scrapbooked maps and hidden messages. At times it can feel a little too much, and you almost feel for a detailed glossary to elaborate on some of the terms used. But it’s an enjoyable to have such a rich array of content to really get your teeth into.


We hugely enjoyed ‘The Cursed : Welcome to the Park of the Chimeras’ – evidently Elian Black’Mor and Carine-M have a wealth of talent in their respected fields – and we can’t wait to hear more from them.


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