In a Justice League of it’s own! It’s the new Comic Block!

So a little later due to our South East UK Postal strike, but we finally got a chance to check out May’s incredible Comic Block! We were overjoyed to find out friends at NB had compiled an incredible range for us this month!


Up first it’s evident there’s a justice league theme going on with this awesome Whisky Tumbler with the iconic superhero icons. Amazing and perfect for downing some spirits after a long day fighting bad guys.



Still on the JL tip, we loved these book ends too, a great idea for keeping your comics and graphic novellas inline whilst still endorsing the Justice League!


Nestled underneath these bad boys we got a glimpse of our awesome tee shirt, a star lord GOTG tee! Beyond cool design. We particularly loved this.


Now for our first comic! We really dug ‘New Humanz’ it really adds a fresh new take to the standard tropes. Artwork is also incredible, well worth investigating for any fans out there.


Next up we’ve got ‘Stained’  (with the talents of Baron, Idris and Bowland). No introduction is needed here to these guys. Their acclaimed work has been turning heads for a while. It’s a very cool idea and something worth checking out.


-and two particularly incredible comics a joint cover across two publications ‘Guardians of the galaxy / Secret Empire!’ Two amazing comics which give a whole new storyline to the infamous Marvel characters. Make sure you read these asap!



Such a great box this month – and an unbelievable price! Make sure you get yours today at