April Showered in Merch! It’s Nerd Block!

It’s come round so fast already! But it’s time for yet another fantastic Nerd Block. This month with a. Theme of ‘dressed to kill’ we knew we’d be in for a treat but we hadn’t expected just how much.



First up, it’s this phenomenally cool addition, a ceramic tumbler (due to the delay on these blocks being sent out.) It’s classic Marvel Iron Man which we loved. Fantastically made as aways. Such a cool addition.






Next up is this awesome set of Joker braces. Because even the clown prince of crime needs to keep his trousers held up! The colouring and detailing is awesome, very cool indeed and great for any DC / Batman fan.




Nestled underneath is this fantastic James Bond styled T shirt. The tech spec style design is simply awesome and we love all the Easter eggs. Great for any JB fan.



This addition is absolutely incredible, an actual bottle replica of ‘Sex Panther’ from Anchorman! It’s perfect for anyone looking to live out their fantasy of Ron Burgandy. Empty of course so you can fill it with your own choice of scent!





As a cool side addition is this excellent Godfather rose pin! Great for fans, it makes for a cool piece of film memorabilia for GF fans.


Lastly there’s an incredibly detailed art print of the clown prince of crime himself Mr J! It’s a really cool style and something different from what you’d usually expect.



Not to forget of course the NB magazine giving you a full insight into what’s hot for Geeks everywhere!



Again another fantastic block! Make sure you sign up for yours today at