Behold – It’s the Dr Who Nerdblock!

Another month passes and wow are we in for a treat as those kind people at Nerdblock HQ have allowed us to check out their incredible Dr Who Block! Filled with a whole host of treats for any ‘Whovian’ you’ll certainly won’t be disappointed!


First up we’ve got this fantastic Titan miniature of David Tennant himself as the 10th doctor, lovingly rendered and stunningly packaged. Any Dr Who fan will absolutely love this!



Secondly nestled under our Titan miniature is this cool Dr Who T shirt with authentic traditional markings of the timelord himself. As always with Nerd Block the quality is top notch and you’ll love the cool design adoring this black tee.

IMG_3011 copy


Next to these is a simply incredible addition – an actual electronic screwdriver! Any Doctor worth his salt wouldn’t be without one of these. The ideal weapon when taking on the scurge of the Daleks!


IMG_2989 copy

But when you’re not taking on the galaxies most dangerous aliens you’ll want a cuppa which is where this fantastic Dr Who mug comes in! Beautifully rendered you’ll love the styling.

IMG_3001 copy


Swiftly followed by an incredible ‘make your own K9’ kit! Perfect if you want to craft your own robotic dog to keep you company. No glue was even needed! We absolutely loved this, such a cool addition!

IMG_2993 copy

– and lastly not to forget this fantastic bus/train pass Dr Who holder. The perfect way to carry your intergalactic travel cards.

IMG_3007 copy


For any Dr Who Fan this is an absolute must! Make sure you get yours today at