Amazing Appliances for your Kitchen ! Our Choice in Russell Hobbs Kettle range!


To many the simple kettle would not necessarily invoke visions of cutting edge futurism.  However Russell Hobbs are evidently at the forefront at futureproofed home appliances, combining both style and functionality which is why when we were offered a chance at reviewing three of their leading kettles we simply couldn’t refuse!

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First up we had a chance to check out the stunning RH Retro Classic Noir Kettle. Undoubtedly you’re hit first by just how stunning the kettle is. With a retro feel to it’s large form, accompanied with a chic stainless steel top and black finished base. The retro aspect is also amplified by one of the kettle’s most noticeable features, a temperature gauge, allowing the user to keep a check on just how hot the water is inside the kettle. Something perfect for those who meticulously coffee lovers and tea connoisseurs monitoring just how hot their water is.


Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.27.23 Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.27.31 Another great touch we loved was the water gauge inside the kettle, with three simple paddles displaying how much water is being boiled. This is also accompanied by a water window within the handle itself. Both of which are perfect if you don’t want to waste additional electricity and water for boiling just a small amount of water at a time. We also learnt that the kettle is able to boil a cup in 55 seconds! Something we were keen to test – and were pleased to learn that it was correct!

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It should be said the kettle also comes with a perfect pour spout, which for many accustomed with kettles with poor pouring functionality is a huge relief. Accompanied with the soft touch rubber handle it really makes tea/coffee making quick and enjoyable. We were really impressed – it looks stunning and functions fantastically.


Make sure you get yours today from




Next up we got to get to grips with Russell Hobbs fantastic Purity Plastic White Kettle. This is an altogether different style of model from the retro noir, focusing on a built in Brita water filtration system which can help reduce limescale by permanently absorbing copper and lead which might get into your tap water. By removing these impurities ensures your water remains clean and odour free.

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In terms of aesthetics the Purity includes a transparent body, ensuring you can actually view the water being boiled. It’s a great addition especially as you can see the Brita filter operating in it’s own environment. This cartridge can be easily monitored by watching the the kettle’s built in alert system which activates when a new cartridge is needed. This is all through displaying a simple gauge on the body of the kettle. Again a simple feature but one which really does make the whole process of changing filters extremely easy.  As a further addition it’s also great to see an extra cartridge included within the pack!

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.37.31 Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.37.38

It’s also absorbing to watch the blue light within the kettle which shines brightest when the kettle reaches it’s boiling point. Something very handy indeed in low light conditions (or late night cups of tea). We also loved the stainless steel finish to the kettle’s base, giving it a sleek futuristic feel coupled with it’s transparent body.

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It also has to be said we particularly liked the simple cord storage system, ensuring your cables are able to be neatly tucked away without any fuss or hassle.


All in this is a fantastic kettle. Though not carrying the noir aesthetic as the Classic Noir Kettle, the Purity Plastic is perfect for anyone eager to ensure their water is kept clean and free from impurities – make sure you get yours today from




Last up we were keen to check out the fantastic Buckingham Stainless Steel Quiet Boil Kettle. With a traditional stainless steel look to the kettle It’s undeniably a chic customer. Also with a huge 1.7 litre capacity jug meaning it’s great for making a round of cups of tea/coffee without refilling.  Impressively this is the fastest of our kettles too with a one cup boil time of just 45 seconds (incredible). We were particularly impressed with this after putting it to the test, it smashed the time coming in extremely fast.

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Like the Purity Plastic the Buckingham has the trademark blue light of Russell Hobbs which illuminate the base of the kettle when the unit is activated. Accompanied with which we were really taken with the ‘quiet boil’ functionality of the kettle, which was said to be up to 75% quieter than a standard kettle. We’d been somewhat curious to see if this truly was the case but were blown away at the unquestionably quiet boiling of the water compared to a conventional kettle. Easily a great asset when you’re sneaking in an early cup of tea….

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.46.17 Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.46.20

The water windows of the kettle also help ensure you can easily monitor just how much water you’re putting in there, which is made even easier through the use of the push to open metal lid. Also, you have the ability to clean the removable washable filter making it even easier for cleaning the kettle after use.

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We absolutely loved the sleek aesthetic of the Buckingham and it’s functionality undeniably it’s perfect for making large rounds of hot drinks but still quick to boil and easy to clean. Make sure you grab yours here.


Undeniably Russell Hobbs have a kettle for everyone and there’s a huge range now on their website. Make sure you check them out today and find a kettle that will suit your needs.