Crossing Paths With The Crossword – We Love Selfmadehero’s’ ‘Fun’

Following on from our review of Selfmadehero’s fantastic ‘Tetris : The Games People Play’ we were lucky enough to get a chance to check out yet another graphic novel from the publisher exploring the background behind another puzzle form, the legendary crossword.

The crossword is undoubtedly one of the world’s most renowned puzzle forms which has engaged people throughout the ages and in ‘Fun’ author Paolo Bacileri paints an immersive history of the puzzle within the form of an intriguing crime mystery narrative, a unique means of following the history and one which works superbly well.

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‘Fun’ tells the story of the crossword in a unique way. From it’s inception in the 1913 copy of the New World Newspaper and later appearing in it’s Sunday supplement ‘Fun’. The novel itself takes a different approach by both being a comprehensive history of the puzzle form, but at the same time following the intriguing crime story of fictional character Pippo Quester. Pippo’s story is deep and paints a picture of a character who’s interest in crosswords lead him into something far bigger than he could ever expect.

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Quester is a respected writer constructing a history of the crossword puzzle. As both he and his fan Zeno Porno (Disney Comics Writer) delve deep into the history of the puzzle form, they both uncover fascinating tales surrounding the creation of the crossword  involving literary institutions and fanatical code breakers. Amidst this research the appearance of a dubious student and other questionable characters throws the writers into their own puzzle which may cost them everything!

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It has to be said the art style is superb and the exquisite line work is beautifully detailed. Not to mention the b/w colour scheme which fantastically mimics the tones of the classic crossword. You’ll spend hours pouring over these detailed panels and rightfully so.

We loved Fun, Bacileri’s unique storytelling approach combining both a historic background on the puzzle form whilst creating a crime drama with some truly fascinating and engaging characters creates a wonderful backdrop to the story of the crossword. In particular the art form is truly special and wonderfully sets the tone for a mystery, as you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat attempting to follow just who is the true villain of the piece.

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Fun is fantastic, half mystery and half historical study on the crossword in equal measure. For any fan of the puzzle form or even stunning graphic novels, it’s an absolute must.

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