A Dazzling Descent into Wonderland – We Love Alice’s Adventures Underground




We’re no strangers to immersive theatre at GYGO having been privileged enough to cover Secret Cinema’s screenings and the live work of Philip Pullman’s excellent ‘Grimm Fairy Tales’. So when the opportunity arose to find out about ‘Les Enfants Terribles’ 2017 version of ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’ live at the Vaults, how could we resist?
Following on from the team’s sellout 2015 version of Alice in Wonderland, this version finds the audience taken on a rollercoaster tour discovering new characters and a uncovering a plot which could topple the head of wonderland! Even preparing to undertake this wild adventure the atmosphere is clearly charged, and it’s a wonderful chance to try out the event’s amazing cocktail bar offering some delicious takes on classic Wonderland themed cocktails (In particular the Tulgey Wood and Tear Party cocktails are absolutely delicious.)
Set in the vast ‘vaults’ space under Waterloo Station, Alice Adventures takes it’s audience deep under the busy streets of London into the depths of the exhibition halls under Waterloo Station.  It has to be said this version of ‘Wonderland’ has been expertly crafted and is a refreshing take on the beloved landscape of Lewis Carroll we’ve seen so many times before both in print and on screen. The attention to details is quite incredible, from the props dotted around the various rooms to the lavish sets and intricate costumes.

From a relatively quiet start within an antique laden room filled with props and curios, you’ll find yourself traversing through gardens of mushrooms, a deep dark forest, a mad hatters tea party  (with some incredible effects) and an exciting climax coming face to face with the terrifying Queen of Hearts herself! It’s all truly incredible and wonderful, to give too much away would be to spoil the event.
What’s most impressive is the sheer scale of the event, baring in mind there are 33 rooms, and 12 entries every night with over 650 audience members and 39 cast members (each portraying at least four characters) – it’s hard to actually wrap your head around the epic size of the event. Also baring in mind that you’ll be given options within the show which will affect your experience it’s a fantastical element of customising the event. The great thing of course being that because of all these factors it’s nigh impossible to watch the same show twice!
At over an hour and a half’s length it’s a packed show with more than enough to keep you entertained. Les Enfant Terribles are clearly at the top of their game and Alice’s Adventures Underground is a superb example. Book your tickets now, you won’t regret it.