Amazing Accessories – We Check out Caseflex Ultra-Thin Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The GYGO We’re always keen to hear about cutting edge accessories which improve upon our household tech. Which is why we were hugely intrigued to hear about Caseflex and their stunning range in phone and computing devices. In particular we’d heard great things about the Caseflex  Ultra-Thin Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, a cost effective solution to a wireless keyboard for a android, Mac and iPad, iPhone models. After all the hype we simply couldn’t wait to hear all about it!


It’s evident the team at Caseflex have put a huge amount of work in the Mini Keyboard’s build. The aesthetic is a slick, petit keyboard which wouldn’t look out of place nestled beside a leading Mac or power house PC. Baring in mind the keyboard is ultra thin (at just 6mm depth) it’s lightweight design also ensures it’s perfect if you’d like to take it travelling with you, and it’s compact sizing easily allows it to be tucked away into luggage and storing in small bags.


We tried the keyboard out with a range of devices and were amazed with the speed of connectivity and responsiveness, made all the more effective by the keyboard’s rubber feet which allow for stability whilst typing on uneven surfaces. The keyboard’s silver body encases a selection of pleasingly responsive keys which are both durable but still look amazing.


Connecting the keyboard was surprisingly easy. Powered by just 2 x AAA batteries, the keyboard itself quickly locates and connects to a bluetooth spot, (from games console, to iphone/android/ipad to computer) and syncs within seconds. Battery life is also incredibly impressive, and easily monitored by the keyboard’s green LED power indicator which lets you keep track of how much power you have left.


In particular we tried a variety of type tests with the Caseflex keyboard whilst computing. Which compared against a keyboard over twice the Caseflex’s cost came out easily (if not more) effective. We found no issues with drops in connectivity or with power, it’s reassuringly stable and very responsive.


On top of which the keyboard is absolutely great for console gaming, as it syncs up to 10 metres away! Something which is particularly impressive if you’re keen of keyboard gaming with a bluetooth synced computer.


All in, the Caseflex Ultra-Thin Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a thing of beauty. Being both incredibly user friendly, durable, and sturdy whilst being a slick silver aesthetically pleasing piece of kit to grace your desk / luggage or home console set up. Especially at the amazing price.


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