Following the Life of a Legend : SelfMadeHero’s Josephine Baker



Self Made Hero’s biographical style of graphic novel has undoubtedly caused a huge stir in the British comic and graphic novel scene. Having previous hits with the likes of  Haddon Hall, Agatha, Castro, The Boxer to name a few.

Following in this line we’re honoured to have a chance to check out their latest offering the epic ‘Josephine Baker – by Catel & Bocquet’ the incredible tale of a young American Dancer who rose to prominence to become the idol of the era.


Starting in the decadence of the roaring ‘20s France, Josephine Baker quickly shines, gaining the attention of the likes of Picasso, Cocteau, Le Corbusier. Not to mention causing scandal by the African American’s performance of ‘ La Revue Negre’ . As a rising black star in the French dance hall scene Josephine’s fame ensures she quickly grows a world wide notoriety, allowing the young African American to travel to world meeting a menagerie of colourful characters.



After becoming an official French Citizen in 1939 Josephine’s life truly starts to make a difference. As the young Dancer’s work with the French Resistance and the aftermath of World War II her story really grows into something special with Josephine using her fame to help the French Resistance. Not to mention the incredible adversity Josephine faced as the book details her plight against persecution, racial inequality. Including (incredibly) how she battled through to adopt over twelve orphans in the 1950 (all hailing from a variety of ethnic backgrounds). Simply amazing.


Without giving too much away it’s a simply stunning read and incredibly emotive. Jose-Luis Bocquet  has undertaken an amazing feat capturing Baker’s life in graphic novel form. This accompanied with the incredible panelling by Catel Muller’s makes it a true thing of wonder. It should also be said the illustrations work fantastically well depicting both the stunning madness of the roaring ’20’s, Josephine’s travels around the globe,  right through to the horrors Josephine endures on her work with the French Resistance and fighting persecution. The artwork literally spills out across each page.


It’s also a fantastically huge read at over 400 pages. But with such a fascinating and engaging story of Josephine’s life and her work helping others you’ll be absolutely hooked from the start, we certainly were.


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