Simply Stunning Skins for your Tech – This is Cover-Up!

At GYGO we’re always on the look out for effective ways of protecting your tech whilst still looking as stunning as possible. So after hearing about the work about the simply incredible cover-up who’s natural laptop/tablet and phone skins, crafted from real wood have been turning heads in the tech world, we simply couldn’t wait to find out more!


cover-up  skins work with a range of incredible wood types, all from sustainably sourced wood. The grain of the skins themselves range include Blackened Ash, Carpathian Elm Burl and walnut to name a few. All of which it has to be said sit superbly against the minimal aesthetic of the modern laptop / tablet / smartphone. We particularly liked the fact that the cover-up offers protection to your MacBook against scratches and nicks whilst not being  cumbersome as many other covers are.


We also particularly liked the fact the cover-up itself is just  0.7mm (around the thickness of a credit card) and wondered just how easy it would be to affix to our office laptop. Each cover-up is laser cut and coated with a unique finish mix of waxes and oils to preserve your skin. It’s remarkable and very impressive indeed.


We needn’t have worried, the whole process of attaching your cover-up to your own devices is incredibly easy. All that’s required is prepping your machine by wiping down your device with a dry cloth, then peeling and applying the coverup. We were amazed how quick this took, and in minutes we were looking at a truly amazing skinned device.


What’s also fantastic is that if you ever want to upgrade our laptop skin this is incredibly simple just peeling away without leaving any residue or ‘stickyness’ after use! We’re told this is down to the incredible 3m technology. It’s certainly remarkable to say in use and makes cover-up simply even more incredible.


We loved the final effect, both as a minimal but sturdy aesthetic adding a really different twist to your standard laptop or computing device.  It should also be said cover-up offer a range of other finishes including ‘real stone’ and Ffelt Premium sleeves, all of which are equally amazing.


All together cover-up is a simply stunning new way of protecting your laptop / tablet / phone but without hindering the overall sleekness or functionality of your machine. Instead it creates a beautiful tactile finish which will protect your machine, and be sure to make it the talk of the office!


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