Stylish Adapted Styluses with the 4 in 1 Friendly Swede Pack


We’re big fans of cutting edge tablet styluses here at GYGO and we’ve hearing some particularly exciting news about the awesome work at ‘The Friendly Swede’ a great company offering a truly incredible range of peripherals.


So when the opportunity arose to cover The Friendly Swede’s 4-1 Stylus with replaceable brush, capacitive Fiber Tip, Fine Pint Disc Stylus Tip and Ballpoint we simply couldn’t wait to check out this awesome piece of kit!


This comprehensive kit comes with a host of exciting extras, that really sets it apart from your standard tablet stylus. Having tried multiple styluses in the past and been frustrated with their rubber tips The Friendly Swede’s 4in1 offers something else entirely with it’s sensitive ‘mesh tip’. But on top of this within just one pen you have a capacitive stylus pen, a fine point disc stylus, a ballpoint pen and (incredibly) a brush to get that extra fine paint feeling all within one sleek casing! All you need to do is unscrew and you have a wide variety of tips at your fingertips.


The comforting thing to know was well that all of the above are replaceable. Not only this but we were amazed to find extra tips (discs and fibres) and an extra brush! So if by any chance you break or lose any then you’ll have a spare or two to save the day! We were also really impressed to see that all the caps are convertible so you can use a longer end cap or a shorter version dependent on your own drawing requirements.


The detailing discs are also great for that fine pointed design work and give a nice alternative to both the brush tip for larger work and filling and the mesh end.


On top of which incredibly the Friendly Swede offers a lifetime warranty on the pen itself! That surely is a statement of how reassuring the build quality is. We really pushed the stylus to the limit with a range of drawing and design work and it had to be said it really stood the test of everything we threw at it. Being both robust and responsive. For the cost of the stylus itself it’s an absolute steal.


It also has to be said the actual piece of kit is incredible. Looking more akin to something you’d find within a Parker pen set the whole kit is beautifully presented. It really would make a stunning gift for anyone.


All in this is an amazing stylus and perfect for anyone who’s looking at a simple stylus for using on their iPad, or something they can try out their artistic skills on.

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